Mr. Cutting, after 5 years of active presence in the labor market and based on your background or profession in this field, decide to launch a commercial and educational website using information-rich materials, your services in this field. Expand Continue.

We have used various software groups on this website to cover a wide range of industrial design and to be able to present it more widely and to be creative and able to use it.

The potential bigwigs that exist in the Iranian industrial and commercial market in this field, can easily create a different and interested Pantea group in the field of entrepreneurship and income generation.

During these years of activity, we design and produce in your life, collect a large bank of designs that have been prepared and post them for free, and professionally download them on the site, if you like. Be safe.

It is important for Mr. Cutting that the standard of all designs on the site is observed and remains of high quality.

Mr. Cutting makes every effort to ensure that the quality of the designs presented is maintained or even higher than expected.

In addition to the designs that are produced by the group itself, we also process the designs of other dear Iranian designers to publish a large gathering and to be accompanied by all your favorite ideas, to work in the production industry. Country and income generation and entrepreneurship and invention of the face is possible.

It also produces content and to improve the quality of work in this field, it provides key training, group work, seminars and workshops, etc.

We are all young, energetic and active, trying to use professional experiences in all fields, using past experiences.